The podcast & planner for faith based working women.

The well being and work planning system for creatives

Supporting you develop your dreams and get results whilst working on your well being in a 9 weekly cycle over 52 weeks. Number nine represents birth and bring something to life. This planner helps you adjust to the mental and practical requirements for achieving your God given dreams.


You get to take a moment to pause and pray over your phrase. Making prayer points to assist you in your plans and goals. Keeping God at the center of your plans.


Taking action made simple with space to brainstorm content ideas and plan what needs to be produced. Setting mindset goals to support your progress by identifying what to let go and go after.


Every week set time to work on your dreams , gain a treat for working the hours/mins. Make meaningful notes to encourage you daily and set time aside for your well being, studies and finances.

creator of Lady with Heart planner

Sarah Utsaghan created this planner with the heart to support kingdom women on their mission. She understood the importance of implementing creative ideas but feeling stuck in planning because of the important keys needed to implement that were overlooked in other planners. She includes the need to create a vision board, pause , renew the mind and pray as you take action. She believes every lady with a heart to be more can do it in a simple yet strategic way with God.

“Loooove this planner! I love the scriptures and this is helping me plan my content better! Love that it is holistic!”

Lathyra. Lifestyle blogger

” I love it! I grab it every time to jot down and get things done.”

Oge . Health coach

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