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3 things God wants to shift in you LADY WITH HEART PODCAST

We talk about how going ahead doesn’t serve us but God has something to say when you dont’t feel he is there or don’t know what to do. I’ll be talking about the three things God wants you to shift, so first off, let’s read John 21 from verse 3 to 6. 3 “I’m going out […]
  1. 3 things God wants to shift in you
  2. Shifting your mission
  3. Keep Going with God
  4. Draw the line in comparing yourself
  5. When defining what to do is hard

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Sarah Utsaghan is the founder of Ladies Heart Academy LTD. Her heart beat is to support working women, mothers and millennials on their journey of developing God given purpose, potential, purpose and power. She believes it’s not only about how hard you work but how you work your heart and excel in Life & Christ.
She is a mother, minster and marketplace diva with a soft spot for mindset makeovers. She is a natural and qualified Creator, Certified Life Coach and is a student of MSC Psychology and Neuroscience of mental health. Serving in different capacities creatively, with this being one of her fav! She is also co founder of Glory of Freedom, based in Uk. She’ll Love to have you onboard, so subscribe in bio to get the latest goodies, guest opportunities, podcasts and coaching programs.

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